Fav GMH’s

These are just my own fav collection and the stories that make me go awww…. To access the LGMH (Love Gives Me Hope) website you can visit http://love.givesmehope.com

I sat next to a soldier on the plane yesterday.

He was looking at a yearbook of kids and I asked if one of them was his. He smiled, pointed to two kids hugging, and said,”That’s my wife and I in first grade.”

Their love GMH

You were always my best friend, we talked every night on the phone.

Now we’re entering our senior year of college, and you’ve been dating the same girl since freshman year.

I’ve been in love with you since 9th grade, but the fact that you’re happy makes me happy. I still have hope.

My dad wrote me a letter for graduation, telling me how proud he was of me for finally making it. 

I went 2 years being threatened to be held back for grades.

He passed away my junior year. He didn’t see me graduate, didn’t see my walk across the stage.

His belief in me and love GMH.

We all feel like Ariel sometimes, watching the man she loved almost marry another.

We all feel like Jasmine sometimes, feeling no guy is good enough

We all feel like Cinderella sometimes, alone, afraid, not knowing what the future holds.

But each prince saw what a princess she was GMH.

I’ve been depressed for over a year over a bad breakup,

until one day I realized, that every day I wake up, I’m one day closer to meeting my soul mate.

That fact GMH. Finally, I have a reason to smile when I wake up.

I love you, whoever and wherever you are, and I can’t wait to meet you.

I came home from Afghanistan today.

As I walked through the airport (I was still wearing my uniform), a little girl came up to me and gave me a hug. She then said “Thank you so much for protecting me and my mom.”

I have no idea who she was. Her love for her country GMH

When my family moved to Texas, I was weird.

These sisters on the bus enjoyed picking on me until one day, my brother soaked them with a squirt gun to silence them.

When he got in trouble, he said “I won’t let anyone pick on my sister except me.” they never picked on me again. Alex, you GMH.

My grandma is in the hospital dying of cancer.

My mom, dad, brother and me flew to Arizona to visit her one last time. She was in a coma for about 3 weeks before.

When my mom (her daughter) walked in, she grabbed my grandma’s hand. My grandma opened her eyes, smiled at my mom, and took her last breath.

Her strength to hold on GMH.

I’ve been in a relationship with an amazing man for over 5 years.

Right now I’m half a world away from him volunteering and the past few days have been hard.
The loneliness has really set in. After having a bad day and really missing him, I checked his Facebook and his status said “helplessly, hopelessly, in love.”
His faith and LGMH

On father’s day I saw a family walking down the street next to where I work.

The little boy was in a wheelchair. The oldest sister wore stylish clothes and big fly sunglasses.

The boy began to cry and so the sister grabbed the picnic blanket and started flying around like a super hero to cheer him up even though she looked stupid. Her LGMH.

I was all of 17 when I got very sick and was also told I was not able to have children.

My high school sweetheart stayed the entire time in the hospital with me. He told me he had never been so scared in his life and that “we will just adopt”


Twenty years ago, my son came home from kindergarten with the biggest smile on his face.

He told me he had just met the prettiest girl in the world, her name was Stephanie, and he was going to marry that girl some day.

Today is their first anniversary.

My son’s lasting love and devotion GMH.

One night, I couldn’t sleep.

I saw my dad still up, doing work at 3am. When he saw me, he put everything away and began to teach me how to play poker. Randomly, he stopped the game and said like a smitten school-boy,

“A, I am still so in love with your mother…”

Your LGMH, dad, 21 years later.

A girl in my homeroom died today.

She was shot 56 times by her Dad.

Every day, she would listen to us complain about how much our lives sucked, and she would be there to give us a hug and tell us she understood, it was okay. All this time she’s been violently abused, but she listened.

R.I.P Kataline. Your LGMH.

Today, I was talking with one of my friend’s mom.

I asked her how she knew her husband was ‘the one’.

She said, “Because every time he walks through the door I still get butterflies.”

Butterflies after 30 years GMH.

One day, a little girl I was babysitting told me a story about her and her best friend.

She said “On the 1st day of 1st grade, we didn’t know each other. On the 2nd day, we were friends. On the 3rd day, we were best friends, and on the 4th day, we were dating.”

I laughed then, but today is their wedding day. Their undying LGMH

One day, I was putting on my makeup and my 5 year old brother was watching me.

He asked, “How come you use all that stuff for your face?” I looked at him and said, “I’m not too sure. To make myself feel better I guess.”

He kinda smiled and replied with “But your pretty the way you are.” His LGMH.

Today, I woke up to a girl screaming for me and the other apartment residents to get out because there was a fire.

All 17 residents made it out alive.

I found out that this girl is deaf, extremely terrified of fire, didn’t know any of us, and lived across the street.

Her Love for strangers that she’s never met GMH.

My mum has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I’m scared she won’t be here when I get married.

Yesterday, my boyfriend looked at me and said that, in a couple of years, he saw us married.

He added, “if anything bad were to happen, I want you to know I am ready to marry you now”. His LGMH.

I was at a carnival with my boyfriend.

The weight limit for my favorite ride was 260lbs, and I’m 205. The man running it stopped me and said, “I think you exceed the limit.”

I began to cry. My boyfriend punched him in the eye, hugged me, and said, “kiss me on the ferris wheel?” Michael, your LGMH.

I grew up next to a girl who became like a sister to me until my family moved and we lost touch.

4 1/2 months ago she died at age 19 of cancer.

Her boyfriend vowed to never be in another relationship. His Facebook still says he is in a relationship with her.

His LGMH. RIP Rebecca

One day, I was laying on my boyfriend’s bed and I closed my eyes.

He and his brother must have thought I was asleep because I heard someone say, “I can tell you love her because when you look at her, your eyes sparkle just like dad’s did when he saw mom in her wedding dress.”

Your love for me GMH.

When my Pop died, my Nan was crying when she was explaining it to my 4 year old cousin.

But she smiled at her and said “Don’t worry Nanny, Poppy has his wings now.”

Kids who understand GMH

I work at a little kids birthday party place.

One day while working, I went to get the presents to set them up in the room. Most of the items were things like toothbrushes and shampoo and clothes and a few little toys.

Turns out the little girl asked for these things to donate to the Haiti relief fund instead. She was only 8. GMH

Today my mom and I were at a Subway.

After getting our drinks, we turned around to find two little boys, around 5 or 6, struggling to open the door for us.

They didn’t succeed, but their chivalry at such a young age GMH.

Today, my sister and mom had a bad experience at a hair dresser’s.

The guy gave my sister a bad haircut, then proceeded to yell at my mom. When they both came home crying, my 3 year old brother headed for the door.

Wondering what he was doing, I asked. His response? “I’m going to beat that guy up!”

5 years ago, my partner and I (we are both women) adopted a beautiful baby girl named Jade.

The other day we had to pick her up from school early. As we stood in the doorway, our daughter leaned over to a boy who was crying and asked him what was wrong.

When he explained that he didn’t have a mommy, Jade said “That’s ok. I have two, so we can share.”

Today I was walking around town with my best friend when a little girl came up to us and asked if we were sisters.

I am white, and my friend is black.

Little kids like that GMH

All my life my parents have fought and hit us.

Dec. 2008, my dad left. Nov. 2009 my mom left. She was doing drugs.

My aunt adopted me and my two sisters after. She has always called us her daughters, but we’ve just called her Tracy.

Today, I started to call her mom.

Mom your LGMH.

As my parents died when I was younger, my grandma brought me up.

My grandma is a strong catholic so when I told her I was gay and getting married, I was expecting a rant off her, but the first thing she said was “so who’s the lucky guy?”

People who defy their beliefs for the ones they love GMH.

Today, I overheard a fellow soldier bragging about “his girls”, and how great they were.

I thought he meant girlfriends, like most guys, but later he showed me a picture of them. It was a picture of his 15 and 18-year-old sisters.

His love for his sisters GMH.

This week was Homecoming week at my school.

Today, we had the ceremony where they crowned the King and Queen.

Out of all the athletes, honor students, etc., a boy with Down Syndrome won Homecoming King. The crowd cheered for him more than they did for anyone else.

My school’s acceptance and LGMH

We recently went to a family friend’s wedding.

At the reception, there was a prom picture of two teenagers.

Turns out, he and his bride had been high school sweethearts, married and divorced other people and reconnected years later through an online dating service.

Their meant-to-be LGMH.

My Grandmother lives with us.

My grandfather is still in Texas because he has Alzheimer’s. She visited him a month ago. He pretended to know her but he had no idea who she was.

The nurses called us after they left to come home and they told us that he wanted ‘That pretty thing to come back.’ and That he had really liked her.

Their LGMH.

I knew a girl.

She was a nerd. One day while she was at lunch, a rude popular girl tripped her. And her lunch, landed on the most popular football player.

So he helped her up, took her into the hall, and told her everything would be okay. He broke up with the popular girl. And dated the nerd.

We have been married for 12 years now. Michael Your LGMH.

Kyler, who was known for wearing purple bandanas, committed suicide a month ago.The day after news got around, the entire school showed up wearing purple bandanas.

Maybe Kyler didn’t know how much people loved him. But the way everybody came together GMH.

Yesterday, I was at my grandma’s house.

Her husband, Ed, had died years before. We were all sitting around the living room talking, when, out of the blue, she said, “I’m going to go dancing with Ed, now.”

At that moment, she closed her eyes and passed away. She was 92. Her undying love GMH.

The other day, a boy turned to me and said “Shh,” then walked up behind a girl who did not see him (because he was behind her).

Then he hugged her from behind, kissed her cheek and said “I love you sweetheart.”

They were 79 and 76 years old. This happened in a hospital room.

My grandparents’ everlasting love GMH.

I’m forgetful so I have a list on my door of things to do before I leave for work.

One morning, I saw that my boyfriend had added something to the list.

He wrote, “Be awesome!”; crossed out “awesome”; and put “yourself”.

Josh, thanks for believing in me when I couldn’t. Your LGMH!

In high school, my best friend and I swore that we would never date.

Our friends laughed, and joked that they would quote us on that at our wedding.

They did.