It’s a bird, It’s a plane but it ain’t no Superman!

After my husband and I came back from watching Man of Steel on IMAX last weekend, I had a gazillion thoughts whirling through my head. Was I content or was I disappointed? The latter, you bet! Although in defense of Zack Syndar, the movie didn’t promise to be true to the comics either; it was a darker take on our favorite super hero and they sure held up to their word.

Warning – Major Spoilers ahead

1) Lois & Clark – Urghh so much went wrong here! First came Superman and then came Clark? No! I understand this movie was about revisiting Kal el’s origin but Superman was more human than Kryptonian; sure he had a tough upbringing with his crazy super powers but he had a best friend, a girl friend in high school and the most down to earth parents a person could ask for. In one way he was as normal as one could be on planet Earth. So why did Superman come first in this movie and not Clark? At the end of the movie, Lois hints a flicker of recognition when she meets Clark because duh she had already kissed superman like 2 scenes ago so obviously she knew who he was and NO! It wasn’t supposed to go that way. Lois works with the bumbling reporter her best friend Clark Kent who falls hopelessly in love with her while watching her swoon over superman not knowing they are the same person! That’s how the comics, the movies, the series always went! I know Zack was trying a different take that ‘hey come on how stupid was Lois?’ – ITS JUST GLASSES! CANT YOU TELL? but that was the point! she was blinded by Love. And for 80 YEARS! We accepted that quality about her and it never once compromised her strong headed, smart and hard working image in front of us so why change their course of romance all together now? That part really sucked.

PS – I hear wonder woman is in the sequel of this movie and plays his prime love interest (well there goes my interest)

2) Justice – the American Way – Okay read the following sentence and tell me what’s wrong with it –

Superman kills ZOD.

Superman doesn’t kill. Period. He believes in justice and fighting evil, not killing even if it is his most homicidal enemy. He always finds a way out and it’s been that way if Doomsday came or not! He has fought and fought for years to come and here we have a radical 360-degree change in the character! I think S snapping Z’s neck is the single most disturbing climax that I have seen in any movie. I almost gasped when that happened because I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that the director couldn’t see how plain wrong it was to have Superman actually Kill someone. As Alan Moore put it “What happened to the Man of Tomorrow”? He was about Sacrifice and not Suicide but noooo superman had to break his first rule and actually take someone’s life.

3) The Characters – Why Why Why is Perry White a Black Guy?! I am not racist no! But the Character was white for 80 years and his last names white for petes sake! Why is Jimmy a girl? Can Clark have one best friend/wing man at the Daily Planet seriously? How hard would it have been to cast a somebody as Jimmy rather than a nobody as Jenny instead?

4) The Costume – I know a lot of people are going to disagree with this one. But the underwear is supposed to go on the tights! Joe & Jerry designed his costume back in the 1930’s (which followed suit for all super heroes to come btw) because “Underpants on tights were signifiers of extra-masculine strength and endurance in 1938. The cape, showman-like boots, belt and skin-tight spandex were all derived from circus outfits and helped to emphasize the performative, even freak-show-esque, aspect of Superman’s adventures”
The cape, the boots, the costume was sown by his dearest Mom who used her best skills as any country woman in Kansas could and that’s why Superman suffers through 80 years of ridicule because he loves his mom so much! so why not leave the original underwear on tights costume on? Why drop the suit from the phantom zone like it was an exquisite masterpiece? Why break tradition after so many years?

My list doesn’t end at number 4 but I don’t want people to be super disheartened with the movie either, the movie had its moments (when buildings weren’t falling apart that is), it did answer some of my questions about Superman’s origin and what the S actually stood for but that was it. At the end it was like watching my favorite super hero being torn apart scene by scene.

So for super die-hard fans out there, I vote for ‘the Internship’ playing next door coz Man of Steel is anything but about Our Superman.


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