Jab we Met

This may sound like an ordinary story but this is my story and as someone once said, the greatest stories ever told are the ones that are your own.

Once upon a time, there became four best friends namely Serena Vander Woodsen (S), Tenchi  Noike(Chi), Anne Trevena  and Debbie Johnson (DJ).  These weren’t just any people, they were the extraordinary kind for they possessed the powers of witchcraft and wizardry, and yes indeed they were magic folk. It was four years ago, when the soon to be awesome foursome received their welcoming letters from one of the top Big 4 Magic schools in the country, namely Dogwarts with a green dot. Their parents oh so proud sent them off on their very first day of school with their eyes glittering with pride and filled with hope for their little ones.

S and DJ connected almost instantly, they had a lot in common and their ice broke the minute S informed DJ about a certain ritual in Dogwarts which every first year must embark on known as ‘sorting’. So these four strangers then headed out towards a faraway land known to the common folk as Antalya.  Once, they reached Antalya, guided by their strict headmistress Mrs Sea Square, they realized they weren’t the only magic school in the country; the entire place was flooded by young wizards and witches from all over, all of whom had come to the place for one purpose only and that was to be sorted into their destiny’s that lie ahead. The four main houses to be sorted into were Audipuffs, Fasenclaws, Consullindor and ERSlytherin. None of the four wanted to be sorted into ERSlytherin because they knew that the students who graduated from that house were classified as dull and landed up with boring jobs mostly related to something they heard sounds a lot like Information Technology (bazinga!) But little did they know what destiny had in store, for all of them at random were selected to serve three years in the Audipuff house. Now they were forced to hang out even if they didn’t want to and get to know each other better. S and DJ found Chi kinda cute and the two walked off giggling and wondering where he was from (with a name so unique to them, they couldn’t tell).

When they returned from Antalya, they were introduced to their immediate supervisor– Mrs Daisy, who they thought looked so pretty and would be an absolute delight to be supervised under. Boy, were they wrong, not only was she the assistant to Mrs Seasquare but she also carried with her a magical vuvuzela which  made a piercing sound when any of the students were doing something wrong. They said, she had eyes at the back of her head because of a transfiguration gone horribly wrong a long time ago; the awesome foursome were terrified of her. Many sword fights and disarming spell competitions later, we get to know our friends a little better. While Chi was the silent and strong types, S wasn’t the vocally shy type with a highly opinionated and fiercely loyal nature. Anne was the kind always looking forward to extracurricular activities more than her actual courses in school and her professors were honestly fed up of trying to get her to actually sit quietly and pay attention in classes. She had very different ideas, she wanted classes to be conducted outside in the open instead of indoors and she wanted Broom Flying 101 to be a course available to first years as well (because she desperately wanted to learn to fly). DJ was quite well rounded and seemed to be a mix of the three; for she not only expressed her opinions and dared to dream but at times she learnt to shut up as well.

Finally, they entered their second year in school, with just about another year to go for graduation they thought they needed to do something different this year. They were tired of their Audipuff professors and constant routine of classes that started at 8 am and ended at 6 pm and sometimes being forced into detentions till 11pm. They wanted to get out and experience the world like normal children and so they did, they spent 4 days in the wild camping and telling ghost stories, they hunted crocodiles and ate them too (except Anne, she is pureblood so she doesn’t eat meat). When they returned from their trip, they become famous and everyone at Dogwarts wanted to hear their stories.  Anne ever so proud of her photography skills managed to submit them in her photocrafty class and won a prize too.  Meanwhile, Mrs SeaSquare and Mrs Daisy were torturing our awesome foursome with crazy detention hours and a lot of home work to do during their free periods. But the four of them decided to stick together because as they say misery Loves Company and so they decided they needed to create an intervention. Every week they decided to get together and do an outside school activity which doesn’t involve any magic and which common folk do in their pastime as well, for example they would attend film festivals, tennis matches, concerts and occasionally rent out cottages in faraway places only for an excuse for a road trip. S would constantly suggest they should make a trip to a place she had heard being described as heaven and was called ‘heels before meals’, unfortunately for the other three it was always meals before heels so they never did land up going there. They would make a big deal of each other’s birthdays especially for Chi since he was the only boy of the group (and also because they secretly still had no idea where he was from). Sure there were the occasional bitchy glares and snide remarks on the side but at the end of the day, four of them knew that they were always there for each other and always made one and another feel special.

Their final year in Dogwarts started with much anticipation and a bit of anxiety as well. Anticipation to finally graduate and anxiety for change was coming. And even though change is always welcome and something they look forward to but deep down it is also the one thing they dread the most.

However after a couple months, one fine day, Anne woke up for her 8 am classes as usual and realized she couldn’t do magic anymore. She just couldn’t. However she tried to swing her magic wand, clockwise or counter clockwise and tried different accents for all the kinds of spells she knew, she realized after a while that all the magic from her blood was absorbed and she just couldn’t produce another magic trick.

In an instant, she dashed to her three besties who were horrified to hear the news and knew she had to leave Dogwarts immediately. Without a doubt, they stood by her side and ensured her that everything happens for a reason. They convinced her that the reason she can’t do magic anymore is because there is a greater cause out there for her. They had no other logical explanation for the sudden disappearance of her ability to perform magic. They knew this was a common happening for they had seen it happen before to many of their fellow students but they never once imagined it would happen to one of their own.

And so with a truckload of tears (a few shed by Mrs Daisy herself, who knew?), a gazillion cherished memories and some tougher times left behind, Anne bid farewell, standing on the platform like a little girl she once was and waving over to her three best friends who she knew she would never sit with in class again. She knew that she might be just an ordinary girl now but she also came to realize that the time spent together with the three of them had been nothing less than magical.


3 thoughts on “Jab we Met

  1. I was always your fan – but this is just a master piece! I loved it! Each and every word, each and every feeling! Just one word to describe it – “MAGICAL”! 😀

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