Why do women need Superman?

If you have seen the last superman movie that came out in 2006 – Superman Returns, Lois Lane is said to have won a Pulitzer Prize for her article written in the Daily Planet titled “Why the world doesn’t need superman?” But for the life of me, I can’t imagine what the content of her article must have been let alone visualize a good enough rebuttal to actually win a Pulitzer. It seems impossible for me to think of even one good reason why the world doesn’t need super heroes.

Here, I am going to tell you exactly why the world needs superman, and why the women of the world need Superman.

Last week, my friend Penelope and I went to watch the latest Night Shyamalan movie called Devil. The movie was honestly a bit scary but then again we are known to be hopeless romantic movie lovers. So after much debate and contemplation, we decided to swallow our unexplainable fear for the horror genre and headed out to watch the movie. Past the entire nail biting, holding each other’s hands, covering our faces and wondering why the hell we agreed to come for this movie in the first place we still weren’t at rest until the movie ended with the last dialogue hovering above the audience – “If the devil is real then God must be too” and we need superman exactly for the same reason we need God.

We need someone to watch over us. Even though the movie had a profound effect on both of us and we swore never to take an elevator again (or to ever go for another horror movie) we still left the movie feeling a bit hopeful. That just makes you realize what a strong word hope is, and no matter how many number of movies are made about it or how many songs are written on it, the word hope never manages to take away the spirit it ignites within us. And that’s exactly what Superman stands for – Hope; above all other qualities such as truth, justice, and humanity. The “S” symbol may have been created by the imagination of Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, but it stands for more than just Superman.

The world out there is filled with too many critics; food critics, movie critics, book critics, and you name it. Even blogging is a form of venting our opinions and criticizing the world and the injustice that we experience in it. Women in general nag a lot and what is another word for nagging? Yup, criticizing. It’s just easier to lay our views on someone and tell them what’s wrong out there rather than suggest solutions on how to fix it. The world has more critics than leaders. And without leaders, we won’t have followers and without followers, well we just won’t have our world heading in any direction. But having leaders isn’t important here. Having the right leader is important, which is what the Red and Blue Blur stands for. Sure he is from a different planet and has super speed, x ray vision, super strength and so much more. But he is someone who is dependable, loyal and good-hearted and people look up to him and want to be like him. It’s no wonder that every 8 year old kid owns a superman costume and every woman secretly wants to own one. They just need someone to follow and Clark Kent leads the way in the right direction.

To tell you the truth, I am in love with the superman and YES it helps that hotties such as Tom Welling and Dean Cain land up bagging the roles of the bumbling, geeky, mild mannered reporter Clark Kent and the clean cut, baby faced, fiercely strong superman at the same time. I guess in a way it’s the two shades of character in a man that is the most appealing to women – one who is completely helpless and emotionally available and the other who is literally out of your reach with the ability to fly. Women in general want someone who is not just emotionally available but who can take care of them and protect them at the same time. These two character shades of Clark Kent and Superman represent two sides of a coin, and if all men were like that then I can assure you that all the women of the world would have a lot of pennies to spare.

So there you have it, the three most important reasons why women need superman, women need hope (ok ok so do men but I am biased!) Without hope we are just little girls at heart lost in a big man’s game.  Women need to believe in leadership, they need to take control of where their lives are heading. Enough of the saying ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman’. Don’t let her be behind. Let the saying be ‘With every successful man there is a successful woman’ (see I am not that biased). Finally, women need to believe that there is a possibility that the men in their lives may be disguising more shades of emotions apart from what they portray and that their fathers, husbands and sons might just be a camouflage of the red cape underneath.

As for me, I haven’t given up hope. He’s out there, fighting crime and leading a double life. He is struggling to strive for peace in the world, as well as bringing home take out for Lois Lane. I never want to doubt it, that hope exists and so does Superman.


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