The manifestation of psychological recession in the work environment

For all the Harry Potter fans out there, lets just say that Recession is the R word that ‘should not be named’ at the work place because it somehow manages to manifest itself into the brains of the people in the work force. With the downturn of the world economy, negative implications come to play in the minds of people. With so many real issues to worry about such as terrorism and war, most people lately are only concerned about their job security. Psychological recession is the dour view of a more unhappy future to come. Just reading this article is probably making you sick to the stomach. You are probably thinking there will be worse issues to worry about in the coming year. You hold on to your pockets and spend less. You keep reminding yourself that whilst millions of people are losing their jobs, you should consider yourself lucky you have one during this recession. You are manifesting the idea of recession in your mind and in your behavior by affecting people around you and the global economy all over.
Recently, I spoke to a friend from Dubai, who told me about the positive articles in the famous newspaper there known as the Gulf times which talked about recovery and how Dubai is not badly affected as people would presume it would be. She said to me with an aghast tone that she can’t understand how people can blatantly lie in the newspapers, I mean isn’t the whole purpose of news reporting facing the truth? What she doesn’t understand is that Dubai surprisingly gets the psychological recession. It is trying to restore positivism in its market and trying to get people to believe that there isn’t anything wrong and Dubai is not in millions of dollars of debt and they do not need the Abu Dhabi government to bail them out. They need its people to believe in the market and believe that it can hit recovery before anyone else can.
It is true that the recession has hit our young baby boomers and generation x the most. The new graduates are flooding into the market launching their career with the hope of reaching limitless heights and are left disappointed and full of despair with the current unemployment trend. Some of these kids go into B school and pursue their masters and some take up compromising jobs to pay bills while others run home to their parents. The negative attitude is wide spread; if the coming future generation has no hope then hope is lost for all of us. These thoughts play in their minds leaving them dejected and cynical about their future. People watch as companies lay off, downsize and outsource or hire temps for the job. Nearly everyone knows someone directly who has been hit by the recession either in terms of cut backs on pays or lay offs. So the result is that even the ones who are working become anxious and fearful. They begin to work harder and harder hoping that the same unfortunate circumstances will not befall on them. Even though they keep working harder, the work doesn’t end and neither does their feeling of job insecurity, this makes individuals vulnerable because of the economy’s competitiveness. With the R word manifesting itself in our minds, one should realize that focusing on fears only manages to reinforce it further.